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A: Use ORDER tab or link on homepage, for installs, removals or modifications to existing real estate signs.

Q: How do I update or change an in-process real estate sign order?

A. Use CONTACT form.

Q: If I see markings or flags on the ground does it mean  utility locates are done?

A: Not necessarily. There’s up to 9 different utilities, depending on the listing’s location. It usually takes up to 72 hours to complete all needed locates, which is why we schedule your job for the third business day.

Q: This is my first time using Fine Signs. How do I get you my signs?

A: If this is your first order, easy clips are provided with the post for your convenience or if you’re able to have your sign at the listing we are happy to hang it for you. We store real estate signs for free when we remove your sign post.

Q: Will you pick up the sign from my office?

A: We are no longer picking up real estate signs from offices. Easy clips will be added to the post for your convenience.

Q: What happens to my sign when the post comes down?

A: We are happy to store your signs for free, for your convenience and ours, so we’ll have you sign for your next installation.

Q: What if I want to keep my own signs?

A: If you prefer to keep your own signs, please remove them from the post, prior to the post removal.

Q: What about adding riders during the listing, like “sold, pending, price reduced etc.?”

A: Feel free to add these riders to your sign at any time and remove them prior to us taking down the post. Also, Fine Signs rents sold, pending and price reduced riders for 20.00. Please use ORDER tab and select Modification.

Q: How long does it take to get my sign up?

A: 3 business days, not including holidays and weekends, to complete utility locates and get the job on the schedule.

Q: How long does it take to get my sign removed?

A: Up to 2 business days. If you need it sooner, let us know and we'll do our best. Use ORDER tab, then choose Removal.

Q: How much in advance can I order my sign?

A: You can order your sign up to two weeks in advance. We encourage early orders, so that we can get your sign installed on the day you like.

Q: How do I indicate the location of the sign?

A: The most sure-fire way to get your sign where you want it is to place a white flag where you want the sign to be. This also reduces the amount of locates required.

Q: When should I place the white flag?

A: At the time of order. This way locators will know where you want your sign.

Q: What does it cost to have a sign installed?

A: See our pricing page.

Q: How do I pay?

A: When placing your order you will be taken to checkout, which takes any credit card. If your office pays, we bill your office monthly.

Q: What size and colors of posts do you offer?

A: We offer Colonial style white posts in a standard 6 ft. tall height.

Q: What is the standard size of a real estate sign?

A: 18” tall by 24” wide.

For any other question fill out the CONTACT form.

Thank you!

The Fine Signs Team